Signature of the Celestial Spheres
Hartmut Warm

published in New View, autumn 2011 (pdf, 463 KB)

Anthroposophy Worldwide

Harmony of the spheres
Thomas Spittler
On 4 September, celebrating 400 years of Johannes Kepler’s The Harmony of the World, Hartmut Warm spoke in Peru about the harmony of the spheres.

Given the limited interest people generally have in cosmic events, it was courageous to organize a public talk on the harmony of the spheres in South America. And yet, more than fifty people came and they were truly astounded. While we have direct access today to all the media and seem to have forgotten how to wonder at the incredibility of the cosmic intelligence, the Michaelic age of spiritual enlightenment requires us to be astounded because without that we cannot really become researchers in the spiritual world.

In his work Harmonices Mundi Johannes Kepler presented a basic cosmic order but was unable, with the means of his time, to provide sufficient evidence for it. Only now – much, much later – Hartmut Warm has been able to corroborate the validity of Johannes Kepler’s deliberations with sophisticated programmes and technologies. Rudolf Steiner made various indications but was unable to go into detail. Hartmut Warren spoke of the silicon crystal, for instance, as a structure that the movements of certain planets correspond to. This is an important observation because, in the Agriculture Course (GA 327), Rudolf Steiner spoke of Quartz and how it representedthe cosmic order in farming.

Such research results can be applied in many fields, in medicine for instance, given that the cosmic order is reflected in everything: the macrocosm is a mirror image of the microcosm. Our endeavours as anthroposophists are, and should always be, interdisciplinary; only then can we claim to do true spiritual research.