Poster11 earth at venus pentagrams and sun pentagrams

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Excellent quality photographic paper

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Excellent quality photographic paper

The figure arises from the sequential plotting of the positions of Earth in its orbit
at two specific constellations and the connecting lines. These are firstly the Venus/
Earth conjunctions and secondly the Venus-Sun-Views or, rather, every fifth
one, i.e. whenever a Sun pentagram is completed (explanation see below). 1,700
positions of Earth were plotted, i.e. at 850 conjunctions and 850 Sun pentagrams in
ca. 1,358.5 years, beginning with the first position after 1 January 2000. In Figure
11 the first 700 lines are shown in red, the next 500 in blue, and the remaining 500
in green. Copyright 2010 by Keplerstern Verlag; Hamburg
Detailed explanation, pdf-file